Hi! Everyone

Welcome to the launch hour of my site. I’m so excited and honoured to be here 😊😋🙌✌. First let me start with telling you about the brain behind ‘Schönheit K’ s’. She’s a loveable and intelligent lady fully packed with an unusual creative style who goes by the name… 

Wait for it 💤 


‘Schönheit’ is a German word which means beauty or pulchritude. In the course of learning the German language, I came across this word and ever since then,  I kinda have a close attachment with it. Moreover, the letter ‘K’ s’ symbolises this site personae so to speak. It simply explains what you hope to expect and enjoy as you embark on such an exciting and endless safe cruise for beauty in its richest form and her epitome. This site would explore virtually all forms of beauty in connection with creativity, call it all-around creativity such as creative writing, hand-craft, communication/audio presentations, enlightenment into foreign languages and so much more. As highlighted at the foregoing, this site serves as a wonderful platform to showcase beauty in it’s richest skills, abilities, talent and in representing the epitome of K. 

Comments that feature or epitomises beauty is highly welcome from you, both the readers and observers 😎. Inspite of the fact that this site is a personalised property, it will also showcase the works of others (only when indicated) in the background as long as it revolves around the central theme and in promoting beauty. 





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